Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance Virtual Kick – Off Meeting 16th and 17th March 2021

The Province of Arezzo, Italy the Coordinator of the project, opened the meeting by welcoming all partners, presenting the team of Arezzo Province, underlining the main objectives, added values and the main target groups of the project. Also the other partners presented themselves. They illustrated their organization, their main actions and experience implemented in the past and related to the Ariadne project.
The project design and implementation were presented by the Coordinator of the project: Work packages activities, timing, expected impact of the project, finance reporting and main information received at the EACEA online Kick – off meeting (January 2021) also connected to the rescheduling of activities due to Covid-19.
The 1st draft of the Communication and Dissemination Plan (CDP) was presented and the main highlights of the CDP were discussed. Partners together decided and approved social media communication strategy and internal communication tools to be used.
The Icare, Italy, the coordinator of the Work package 1 (WP1) presented the main objectives of the WP1:

  • Preliminary analysis:
  • Marginality and youth deviance cases
  • Actions undertakes by participating territories and best practices
  • Realization of the questionnaire
  • Preparation of materials for kids, teachers, trainers and parents
  • Privacy document for the safeguard of students and families
  • Questionnaire distribution and collection

The Kick – off meeting was concluded by the presentation of the next 6 months activity plan.

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