2nd Virtual Meeting, 19th October 2021

The objective of the 2nd project meeting was evaluation of the work done in the first 9 months of the project period, checking the tasks reached and deliverables and defining the action plan for the activities to be done in the next project period.

The meeting was opened by the Javni zavod za šport Nova Gorica, Slovenia where the second meeting was planned to be held. The Slovenian partner informed the others that Nova Gorica will be not able to hold manifestations in 2022 in the frame of ECOS (European City of Sport) for the reason of Covid-19 pandemy and caused economic problems.

The Icare, Italy, the coordinator of the Work package 1 (WP1 – Preparation) presented a general evaluation of the activities of the WP1 and suggestions of how to recover the missing deliverables. Also each of the partners spoke about their activities and difficulties they had with the implementation of the WP1 due to Covid-19.

The Province of Arezzo made and evaluation of the WP3 (Dissemination), the partners discussed together about the topics of next newsletters and about the Awareness rising events and volleyball games to be done in the next months.

 The Municipality of Katerini, Greece presented the objectives and activities of the WP2 (Implementation) to be done till September 2022.

  • Assessment of the initial deviance awareness by the students – 1st students’ essays
  • Organization of 4 seminars (for students, teachers, trainers and parents) for each partner
  • Organization of at least 5 school volleyball matches, per partner, with the presence of an expert of marginality and youth deviance
  • Organization of youth volleyball tournaments during the European Sport Week (September 2022) and of the Final game in town square with professional volleyball teams
  • Assessment of the final deviance awareness by the students – 2nd students’ essays

The 2nd meeting was concluded by the presentation of the next 9 months activity plan.

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