Ariadne' s Thread for Youth deviance

Project started:
1. 1. 2021
Project will end
31.12. 2022

Reduce youth marginality and deviance,

The Ariadne project aims to promote volleyball as a tool to reduce youth marginality and deviance, issues that increasingly affect young Europeans. The main target group are high school students between 14-18 years old but also their families, teachers and sport trainers.


The project impact

The project foresees a bottom-up approach with students and the presence of experts in youth deviance: volleyball games will be organized in schools with the supervision of the experts, then the students will be asked to write essays with personal reflections on marginality and youth deviance. Essays are a good way to evaluate the project impact. The experts will then be able to evaluate both the behaviour during the matches and the writings of the students, reporting the most serious cases to parents and teachers in respect of privacy. The project will also consider the role of families, schools and trainers. Seminars will be useful to raise awareness among these target groups.


Communication strategy

Partners will also participate in the European Sport Week by organizing volleyball tournaments for students and, on the final day, a volleyball game in the town square hosting some professional volleyball players who will play together with the students.

The communication strategy is built upon some relevant aspects: the presence of volleyball professional players, by the celebration with volleyball games of the National Days against Bullying and Violence and the European initiative 1DayMore4Volleyball.

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