Presse Conference, September 28th 2022 at the “Sala dei Grandi” of the Palazzo della Provincia di Arezzo

Silvia Chiassai Martini, the President of the Province of Arezzo declares:

“The project aimed to raise awareness among students but also their parents and teachers involved in the phenomenon of marginalization, isolation and deviance, focusing on the topic and encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities in sport. The importance of the virtual world for young people at the expense of real life can lead some young people to situations of discomfort that lead to isolation. A situation that has been further accentuated in the last two years by the Covid-19 emergency, aggravating the problem of their loneliness and marginalization. Sport, in this case volleyball, becomes the means to prevent and overcome youth discomfort. Through the identification of programs, initiatives, good practices aimed at creating collective awareness within the youth population, the increasingly widespread phenomena of malaise, marginalization and deviance can be faced. I would like to thank all the subjects who made possible the realization of the project, starting from the managers of the schools involved, Liceo Scientifico Redi, Istituto Margaritone and Istituto Fossombroni Buonarroti, the Arezzo Innovazione Foundation which played the role of project management, the association “I Care” which took care of the webinar seminars and the survey activity among the students. Finally, I thank the Provincial Student Council and the Provincial Education Office, Coni with the provincial delegate Alberto Melis, the CT Etruria Italian Volleyball Federation-Fipav Arezzo committee, the Paralympic Committee of Tuscany, with the provincial delegate Giusy Albiani. ”

The Province of Arezzo, concurrently with the European Week of Sport, organizes two final events of the Ariadne’s Thread for youth Deviance Project. Wednesday 28 September 2022 webinar seminar, for students’ families and teachers, while on Friday 30 September the volleyball tournament at the Palamecenate of Arezzo, sponsored by the Municipality of Arezzo, the Italian Paralympic Committee, CONI and FIPAV, which will see 210 students of the participating schools challenge each other with the participation of the players of the National Sitting Volley Team, Alessandro Ferretti and Simone Orciatici, who will talk about their personal experience as Paralympic athletes.

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