Press releases regarding web seminars for teachers and trainers held in March&April 2022

La Provincia di Arezzo coprotagonista del Progetto Europeo Ariadne’s: Webinar sul disagio giovanile rivolto alle società sportive

On Friday the 1st April the President of the Province of Arezzo Silvia Chiassai Martini presented at the Sala dei Grandi, next activities of the European Project Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance. There will be organized free seminars in collaboration with the regional and provincial Coni and with the Coni Regional School of Sport. At the press conference also Alberto Melis, delegate Coni Arezzo, Antonella Bianchi, of the Provincial School Office Arezzo and Giusy Albiani provincial delegate Italian Paralympic Committee were present.

Silvia Chiassai Martini, President of the Province of Arezzo declares:

“I thank the Coni and the Provincial School Office, the Italian Paralympic Committee and all the partners for the strong synergy to promote this project, which aims to face the phenomena of malaise and marginality in the world of young people, encouraging social inclusion and equal opportunities through sport. The Province of Arezzo is the leading partner of the Ariadne’s Thread For Youth Deviance project  – supported by the European Union as part of the Erasmus + Sport Program, a project carried out in partnership with the I Care Association – Arezzo, the National Institute for Sport of Nova Goriza – Slovenia, the Municipality of  Katerini – Greece and Riga Vocational Volleyball School – Latvia. The focus of the project is youth discomfort, with a series of initiatives involving the world of school and that of sport.  The target group of the project is mainly high school, youth, but also families, school, teachers, as well as sports associations. The next phase of the project involves the realization of seminars for students, teachers and trainers and parents, with the aim of helping people involved in the education and growth of young people to recognize the first signs of deviance and marginality before the situation gets worse. For this reason, two webinar seminars were organized by expert teachers of the CONI Regional School of Sport. 

The first seminar that was held on Tuesday the 29 March involved the teachers of the first and second grade secondary schools of the provincial territory, dealing with the theme “Education to health and well-being”, with the speaker Emma Balsimelli, nutritionist and nutritional educator, collaborates with the University of Parma, Florence and LUISS and expert teacher of the Regional School of Sport of CONI. 

The second seminar, aimed at the technicians of the sports clubs of the province, was held on Thursday 7 April from 6 pm to 9 pm on the theme “Abandonment in sport”, which sees as a speaker Marco Vieri Cenerini, psychologist of the University of Florence and expert professor of the Regional School of Sport of CONI. The meeting with Dr. Cenerini provided operational ideas useful to intercept those signs of discomfort that can prelude to an early abandonment of sporting activity. The purpose of these seminars is to support adults involved in the growth and education of young people, raising awareness on the issue of prevention and recognition of the first signs of marginality and evasion, a phenomenon unfortunately very widespread among young people. Participation in the webinar was totally free and there will be issued by CONI certificate of participation. “

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