European Week of Sport in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

The European Week of Sport takes place on the initiative of the European Commission to promote sport and physical activity in Europe. This year, it was organised for the fourth time in a row, and the main goal was to make the widest circle of residents aware of the importance of physical activity. In Slovenia, […]

Riga Volleybal School organised tournament during the EWOS 23 – 25 September 2022

Since January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2022, the Riga Volleyball School has been participating in the Erasmus+ project. The aim of the Erasmus+ project “Ariadne” is to promote volleyball as a means to reduce youth exclusion and abnormalities from social norms, issues that are increasingly affecting young Europeans. The main target group is high […]

Final tournament during the European Week of Sport on the 30th of September 2022

On the 30th  September 2022, in conjunction with the “European Week of Sport”, the final event of the the Erasmus+ project “Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance” was held at the Palestra Mecenate in Arezzo organizing a volleyball tournament among the students of the participating schools. The tournament took place according to the rules that favored […]

Riga Volleyball School players participate in the Seminar – ME AND MY LIFE BALANCE

On the 29th of September, we held a seminar for Riga Volleyball School students – Me and my life balance – sports, family and friends, including career. Volleyball players aged 14-18 took part in the seminar. At the seminar, the participants could share their insights, freely express their opinion, as well as learn something new. […]

Conclusion of tournament with professional volleyball athletes

With 14- to 18-year-old students as protagonists, during the European sports week, the Erasmus+ Sport program “Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance” met in the municipal park. Today, Thursday the 29th September 2022, professional volleyball athletes took part in the conclusion of the tournament: Georgia Goltsiou, Haris Sakoglou, Thanos Geromichalos, Thanos Tsirkos, Kostas Karagiannis, while during […]

The Municipality of Katerini “meets” the European sports week

Volleyball tournament with leading students of the city With 14- to 18-year-old students as protagonists, the European sport week meets from today to Thursday (10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.), in the municipal park, the Erasmus+ Sport program “Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance”. This is a two-year program, which is implemented by the Municipality of Katerini […]

Seminar for parents to be held on the 28th September 2022

On the  28th of September 2022 from 6.00 pm to 7.30 pm a webinar will be held for the parents of students and teachers of secondary school regarding the following topics: “Abandonment in sport” Supervisor prof. Alberto Cuseri, liceo Classico “Francesco Petrarca” of Arezzo. “Outdoor activities for well-being” Supervisor Prof. Stefania Galletti “Office of Motor, […]

Ariadne’s workshops, Nova Gorica from July 25 to 30, 2022

A volleyball camp was held in Nova Gorica from July 25 to 30, represented by a professional Slovenian volleyball player Dejan Vinčić. For volleyball to remain one of the important sports in Nova Gorica in the future, care is taken in the camp, where many girls and boys are happy every year. Above all, they […]

Seminar for parents held in Katerini on the 20th June 2022

Adolescence: an important transition for children and parents The seminar held at the Cultural Center with a positive response and participation. A step for parents to discuss with each other, as well as with the help of experts, about the anxieties, concerns and questions that arise, around the critical period of adolescence gave the seminar […]

3rd school volleyball tournament in Katerini (Greece), May the 9th 2022

Municipality of Katerini: 3rd school volleyball tournament within the framework of Erasmus + Sport The two-year European program Erasmus + Sport “Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance” aims to reduce juvenile delinquency, marginalization and juvenile delinquency through sport and more specifically through volleyball. In this context, the Municipality of Katerini, as a partner of the program, […]