Riga Volleybal School organised tournament during the EWOS 23 – 25 September 2022

Since January 1, 2021 until December 31, 2022, the Riga Volleyball School has been participating in the Erasmus+ project. The aim of the Erasmus+ project “Ariadne” is to promote volleyball as a means to reduce youth exclusion and abnormalities from social norms, issues that are increasingly affecting young Europeans. The main target group is high school students aged 14-18, but also their families, teachers and sports coaches.
The project partners are Italy, Greece and Slovenia.
Youth abnormalities and rejection are on the rise. Many schools are trying to draw attention to this problem among young people and parents, but it is not enough.
General objectives of the project:
• Identification and activation in the form of communication to promote awareness among young people;
• To restore the dimensions of the social and cultural through sports;
• Promote the habit of following the rules and a healthy lifestyle;
• Promote greater understanding of personal limits among young people;
• to raise awareness of healthy competition without taking out the competitive spirit of competition;
• Sport as a way of integration, to overcome racism and social problems.
Specific project objectives:
• Reduce phenomena such as youth abnormalities and youth rejection;
• Increase the interest of young people in sports;
• Increase the qualifications of teachers and coach;
• Raise awareness among parents.
In general, during the project, it is planned to involve 38 schools, 120 classes, 3000 children, 80 coaches, 500 parents, 20 youth recovery associations, organize 16 seminars, 20 sports events. Preliminary surveys, in which it is planned to collect 1000 respondents. Reports of project participants after each seminar, volleyball game, essays and expert activities.
The evaluation of the result after the project will be measured by evaluating the changes in the different situations and perceptions of young people. The impact of the project will be assessed through observations of changes in young people’s attitudes and perceptions.
The specific approach with young people, which is aimed at raising awareness, involving them in direct activities, both physical and intellectual. This should have a positive impact in reducing youth deviance and hooliganism.

Within the framework of the project, during the European Sports Week from September 23 to 25, an international tournament was held at the Riga Volleyball School, where participated teams from Latvia and Norway.
Photo Artūrs Stiebriņš





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