Final tournament during the European Week of Sport on the 30th of September 2022

On the 30th  September 2022, in conjunction with the “European Week of Sport”, the final event of the the Erasmus+ project “Ariadne’s Thread for Youth Deviance” was held at the Palestra Mecenate in Arezzo organizing a volleyball tournament among the students of the participating schools.

The tournament took place according to the rules that favored inclusion of all participants, in fact two rankings were drawn up: the traditional “points” ranking and the “playing” ranking, the latter rewarding the team that was the most inclusive in involving all players. The referees were handled by the FIPAV – Italian Volleyball Federation – in collaboration with the Provincial Student Council. The event saw the extraordinary participation of two players of the National Sitting Volley Team ALESSANDRO FERRETTI and SIMONE ORCIATI who illustrated the sport of Sitting Volley to the students, represented their personal experiences as Paralympic athletes and played with the students. To each student was given a T-shirt with the logos of the funding bodies of the project (European Union and the Province of Arezzo) and a certificate of participation.

At the end of the tournament, the balls used for the game were donated to the participating schools, with the aim to guarantee the sustainability of the project, demonstrating its ability to continue to have an impact and produce results even after the end of the project.


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