With volleyball towards the good for young people in Nova Gorica, Slovenia

In the last months of 2021, the project conducted 3 volleyball tournaments for young people in Nova Gorica in Slovenia , where 129 young people had the opportunity to enjoy volleyball matches with their peers and attend a workshop on: Violence – how to recognize, understand and respond to it. led by Mag. sports psychology Nastasja Minja.

What do young people know about violence?

Young people know very little about violence and often find it difficult to recognize it. As a result, they may become victims of violence without realizing it.

It is important that young people recognize all types of violence, even those that are less obvious (eg psychological violence), that they understand why violence occurs and that they learn to react properly when they experience or perceive it. At the workshop, we also mentioned, among other things, all the main instances that young people can turn to in case of violence.

Volleyball is an ideal example of team sport, in which we can know different types of violence and deviant behaviour, and at the same time an ideal example of sport that can promote teamwork, acceptance of differences and healthy competition.

With the Ariadne project, we will address aspects and try to help in our region, ensuring well-being and social inclusion through sport.

How do workshops have the best effect at this age?

The essence of the workshop, regardless of age, is their practical value, which is often lacking in lectures and other forms of teaching. Practical activities can therefore be involved, participants think about the topic themselves and take an active part in solving a challenge, not just actively listening.

It is important for young people to feel safe during the workshop, even when dealing with unpleasant topics such as violence, and that the workshop leader provides information in a way they can understand. “In their language.”

You don’t learn anything from a new, professional term, but it shouldn’t be too much and of course you need to explain them on a regular basis.

What workshops are planned for the future of the project?

For the time being, we will continue with workshops as part of volleyball tournaments for young people, and this year we will also start with workshops for parents, coaches and teachers.

Topics will always be related to volleyball / sports and ways you can promote well through sports. The next workshop will be e.g. on the topic of teamwork and connectivity.

With the implementation of the workshop, we will be flexible in the spirit of the times, so that, if necessary, we will also conduct them online.

In addition to participating in matches and participating in workshops, the participants had the opportunity to reflect on their feelings before and after the match and to write down their thoughts in short questionnaires. External data can provide a clear picture of the current revival of volleyball among young people in our region, and basically find the most effective ways to prevent deviant behaviour and promote social inclusion through volleyball.

You can read more about the Ariadne project at: Ariadne’s thread for youth deviance Sports Institute Nova Gorica (sz-ng.si)

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