3rd Virtual Meeting, 6th and 7th June 2022

The objective of the 3rd project meeting was an evaluation of the activities done in the schools (volleyball matches and seminars) and assessment of the work of the experts, discussion about how to spread the results of the project achieved till now and the coordination of the organization of the volleyball tournaments and the involvement of the professional teams.

The meeting was opened by Liene Libere from Riga Volleyball School, Latvia where the 3rd meeting was supposed to be held.

Each partner presented the summary of activities that has been done and of activities that remain to be finished in autumn 2022. Each partner has some delay of activities due to Covid -19 pandemy and due to difficulties with the organization of the activities at schools.

The partners exchanged their ideas about the organization of the tournament in September. The exact procedure was not settled, each partner will organize the tournament in his way with the involvement of the professional players.

The Province of Arezzo made and evaluation of the WP3 (Dissemination), the partners discussed together about the topics of next newsletters, about the dissemination through social media, web site updating and about the Awareness rising events and volleyball games to be done in the next months.

Also the impact number achieved till now was summarised by the Province of Arezzo.

The 3rd meeting was concluded by the presentation of the last 6 months activity plan.

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